Hug Me *Pre-Sale*

Introducing the Hug Me Jacket

** The Hug Me is currently Pre-Sale **

Leather crop Hug Me jacket handmade in our Seattle workshop. It can be worn free flowing, or with the belt giving it a completely different look.

Available in 5 colors that will blend beautifully with your existing wardrobe.
Choose from: Black, Beige, Charcoal, Petrol, Light Grey, and Ash Grey.

Featuring dropped shoulder seams, wide sleeves that hit at the elbow for that edgy and structural silhouette.

Both sides have pockets and the collar can be worn flat or turned out to enhance its edginess.

Questions about Pre-Sale?
Please call Taylor at 206.686.8012

A Little Spring in our Step


New Spring items have arrived!
Prepare your Spring wardrobe with some fresh new looks.


Mix and Match

Believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner which got us thinking about next season’s outfit choices.
Maybe we like thinking ahead. Maybe we just really like thinking about our next outfit.

At Jarbo we believe in mixing and matching our Seasonal wears. With that in mind, we feature a blend of some new Spring wear with some current Winter wear.

Our ready to wear looks are perfect for those effortless days when you’re just ready to get up and go.

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An Afternoon in Beverly Hills

It was a beautiful sunny day in Beverly Hills so we took to the streets to show off some Jarbo Fall Looks.


Jarbo store front, located at:

9604 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Gifts for Her: Alpaca Appreciation

We at Jarbo are committed to style, comfort, and quality. Our alpaca cardigans are the perfect balance of those three.

This holiday season, give her the gift of alpaca fleece.

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The Rib Combo cardy pairs beautiful with a simple long sleeve top for those effortless style days.


Let her unbox something special this season.

Salvatore Santoro Coats

Jarbo is excited to present the newly listed Salvatore Santoro coats.

Fabulous Italian craftsmanship in a new perspective.

Long Car Coat

_mg_9840 _mg_9838

100% Sheepskin


Stay completely covered this Winter with the Long Car Coat. Fits perfectly over any outfit.

Car Coat 


For those who prefer a shorter coat, the Car Coat will be a perfect fit for you.

_mg_9849 _mg_9846

100% Sheepskin


The details on the Car Coat make this jacket an instant favorite.


Over Coat

_mg_9829 _mg_9826

100% Sheepskin


Featuring a beautiful texture.


Pairs wonderfully with a Jarbo pullover.

3 Way Coat

The newly listed 3 Way Coat by Salvatore Santoro.





The 3 layered coat is a two layered coat. Both layers can be worn separately.

In the left photo,  the 3 Way Coat is show with both layers, for a dark aesthetic look.
In the middle photo, the 3 Way Coat is worn without the second layer, and paired with a top top instead for a high contrast look.
In the right photo, is the second layer worn by its self.

The outer layer is made from 100% Ovine Skin, the details on both layers of the 3 Way Coat does not fail to impress.

_mg_9809 _mg_9812

This coat is perfect for the ever changing fall weather. Keep perfectly temperatures in your choice of layers.


Pick one up for yourself today! Available here.


Falling For Fall…


Falling… For Fall…

We are so exciting to see fall the arrivals. Cooler weather means feather light cashmere and earthy tones.

Perfect Pant. Perfect PulloverHill Stole.


Perfect PantPerfect Pullover.


Bohemian Poncho, 3/4 Length Shirt, 5 Pocket Jeans (On Sale Now!)


Perfect PantDiamond Knit Bateau Sweater. Leaves Printed Stole.


Moto Vest. Ruched Sleeveless Muscle Dress.

how_to_wear_it_diamond_wrap wrapped_up

Ruched Sleeveless Muscle Dress. Diamond Knit Wrap.


Perfect Pant. Diesel Stole.


V-Neck Forward Seam Sweater. 5 pocket Jean (Now On Sale). Camden Stole.

A Four Letter Word We Love…




ON SALE Long Linen Tank: Available in White, Silver, Black or Indigo.

How to wear it.

Belt with Mesh Overlay. Ponte Seam Pant. Woven Leather Clutch.

Shoes Courtesy of A Mano.


ON SALE (Select colors only).  Baseball Jacket. Available in Khaki or White.  Pleated Skirt. Available in Khaki, Silver,White, Azul or Opal.


ON SALE (Select colors only)  Short Sleeve Cool Shirt: Available in Indigo, Black, Pink or White.

How To Wear It.

Belt with Mesh Overlay. Ponte Seam Pant. Woven Leather Clutch.

Shoes Courtesy of A Mano.


ON SALE Bias Cut Linen Top. Available in White, Silver or Black.

ON SALE (Select colors only) Long Linen Skirt: Available in Silver,White or Black.

How to wear it.

Belt with Mesh Overlay.  Hampton Sandal.

Modern Classic…

The shirtdress is modern classic that began in the 1930’s. A workhorse garment that can easily be dressed up or down.

With trousers or without as weather permits. The perfect blend between modernity and nostalgia.


The Shirt Dress: Available in Olive or Black

Seam Pant: Available in celestial blue, beige, black, white, feather and olive

House 2401 Not So Basic Belt: Available in Nero, Palude or Tmoro.

Woven Leather Shoulder Bag: Available in Castagna,Grigio or Veleno

Shoes Courtesy of A Mano.


Linen Shirt Dress: Available in Black or Indigo

Crop Pant: Available in Azul, Light Khaki or White.

House 2401 Hole Punch Belt.

Shoes Courtesy of A Mano.