All About The Cortina


The Cortina is one of our bestsellers, and for good reason.

Made in our own unique design, it's comfortable enough to live in. 

(Seen Above: Cortina in Goose Down)

     We first made the Cortina in Goose Down as a cozy statement piece, and it's become a cult classic. The jacket is most well-known for its mid-length swing shape, creating a modern silhouette that our customers love. Featuring a signature collar, the Cortina in Goose Down has side vents for easy cooling and quilted texture for a lush look. Oversized for a more inclusive fit, we were able to emphasize the dramatic shape by leaving out the buttons. Because of the fit of the Cortina, we decided to base our size guide off of height in order to fit our customer best. This jacket is truly something special: Goose Down keeps this coat warm but lightweight. It's even perfect for indoor lounging! Once you try it, you'll never want to take it off.

     We do things a little differently here. We heard the customer feedback, and perfected our design based off of what customers were saying. So, when our customers said they were ready to add another jacket to add to their closet, we listened.

(Seen Above: Cortini in Goose Down)

     Next came the Cortini in Goose Down. A modified, shorter sleeve leaves your hands free and creates a stylish fit for any occasion. While the Cortini style has snaps to close its side vents for warmth, you can also leave them undone to mimic that classic Cortina shape. Wear the coat open or closed, depending on the day's weather. We recommend our Cortini for travel: made out of Goose Down with a front closure, you can keep cozy on cold flights.The Cortini is perfect for petite patrons or those who prefer a slimmer fit. You get all the drama of the Cortina in a smaller, versatile package.

(Seen Above: Cortina Rain Coat)

     We were so proud of our coat designs that we also created a waterproof shell: the Cortina Rain Coat. The Cortina Rain Coat can be worn on its own or thrown on top of your existing Cortina in Goose Down to protect your jacket from the rain. The vented sides keep you cool, and make this coat the perfect layering piece for any season. The Cortina Rain Coat is complete with that classic Cortina swing shape and oversized fit, but has added buttons in order to keep you dry, even in even the wettest weather. Did we mention the detachable hood? Yeah, it's that convenient. 

     But we aren't done yet. The Cortina design launched the Lifestyle Down Collection, for jackets made in mind for everyday wear. Stay tuned in for our newest arrivals, inspired by YOU!

Need more information on any of our products? Reach out to (877)-457-2464, and a stylist will be happy to help. 


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